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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your plants grown?

Nearly all of our plants are grown at our site. We must buy seedlings from licensees and complete them on site because of plant patents. The same is true for plants that only undergo tissue culture for reproduction. It is quite uncommon for us to purchase plants from another grower.

Do you use any chemicals on your plants?

No, all of our plants are 100% naturally grown.

My living space is compact. Would it support plant growth?

It is indeed feasible. You can select from our selection of potted indoor plants available online. It is very small and adaptable and may be placed on a balcony, deck, window, or even on your desk to improve the air quality in the area

Do I need to monitor my plants a lot?

Not much. At least not constantly. Why? Because our plants are pretty adaptable and suitable to grow with minimal care. However, they must be watered regularly and have access to sunlight, which is mandatory for any plant.

How much time does it take for my order to be delivered?

Shipping time varies for every individual order. However, we deliver within seven days of your order placement.

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