About Us

Redecorating Your Living & Working Spaces With A Touch Of Nature

Our exposure to nature, from indoor gardening to forest bathing, has proven to reduce the stress, anxiety, and pressure that comes with a fast-paced, industrious, busy urban life! Not only does surrounding yourself with the natural aroma and beauty of plants and taking care of them lift our spirits, but also it makes our living, and working spaces look more attractive and immersive to nature. Dedicated to the cause of empowering our communities with greenery, Grandma Jitty Thailand Express emerged as a passionate initiative—an online botanical store offering you a top-of-the-line organic, naturally grown collection of plants, Kratom herbs, and other botanical products at budget-friendly prices & and convenience.

At Grandma Jitty, we’re diligently committed to preserving the natural ecosystem and incorporating nature with our tech-dominated surroundings to promote a healthier, greener lifestyle! We’d love to let you contribute to creating a sustainable future ahead. Thus, we’re here to let you connect with nature once again with our botanical products. With only a few clicks, we can deliver the desired products to your doorstep without you having to make any endeavors. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are the cornerstone values of our business philosophy, and that’s why serving you with efficiency is always our topmost priority.

Why Choose Us?

Grandma Jitty is all about going green, and we want you to be a part of it. Here are some of the reasons why you should order from us:

100% Organic

All our botanical products and herbs are naturally grown and are 100% organic, using the most environmentally friendly fertilizers and organic seeds.


Budget Friendly

Our breeding techniques and delivery chains are seamless, efficient, and cost-effective, which is why our prices are competitive.


Faster Turnaround Time

We have a robust & easy-to-use online ordering and delivery system that guarantees that your desired products are delivered on time.


Cause-Driven Business Model

It’s tremendously important to know who you are doing business with—we’re passionate about nature & share a mutual love for a greener world.