Why Choose Us?

Grandma Jitty is all about going green, and we want you to be a part of it. Here are some of the reasons why you should order from us:

100% Organic

All our botanical products and herbs are naturally grown and are 100% organic, using the most environmentally friendly fertilizers and organic seeds.


Budget Friendly

Our breeding techniques and delivery chains are seamless, efficient, and cost-effective, which is why our prices are competitive.


Faster Turnaround Time

We have a robust & easy-to-use online ordering and delivery system that guarantees that your desired products are delivered on time.


Cause-Driven Business Model

It’s tremendously important to know who you are doing business with—we’re passionate about nature & share a mutual love for a greener world.

Redecorating Your Living & Working Spaces With A Touch Of Nature

Dedicated to the cause of empowering our communities with greenery, Grandma Jitty Thailand Express emerged as a passionate initiative—an online botanical store offering you a top-of-the-line organic, naturally grown collection of plants, Kratom herbs, and other botanical products at budget-friendly prices & and convenience.

Learning Resources

Grandma Jitty is not a mere online store—we’re an initiative dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our coming generations. Explore our all-green learning resources, including articles, blogs, and research, to learn more about creating a healthier environment.